Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This?: Essays On BoJack Horseman

Published by Antiquated Future, this Broken Pencil Award winning zine was the genesis for Korza Books. Editors Michael Schepps and Molly E. Simas, working alongside editor and publisher Joshua James Amberson and a wide range of contributing Portland writers and artists, put together a celebration and examination of the Netflix series BoJack Horseman. The anthology touches on everything from screwball anthologies, existential absurdity, intergenerational alcoholism and much more. Proceeds benefit the Black Resilience Fund and the National Lawyers Guild.

With words from: Joshua James Amberson, Timothy Day, Jessica Fonvergne, Lauren Hobson, Tessa Livingstone, M.L. Schepps, Jourdain Searles, and Molly E. Simas. Plus an interview with Leca from BoJack Hidden Jokes

Illustrations from: Eileen Chavez, Ross Jackson, Naomi Marshall, and Liz Yerby. Cover and back cover art by Sarah Mirk. 

Purchase here

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