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How To Forget Almost Everything by Joshua James Amberson

When 15-year-old Elly Fox figures out his mom is losing her memory, everything in his life changes. Failing to snap her out of denial, he goes on a quest, hoping to find the cause of her memory loss before it’s too late. Along the way he falls under the influence of a charismatic memory guru and risks losing his best friend, all while navigating his gender identity, his suddenly shifting moral compass, and his sophomore year of high school.

Set in Portland, Oregon during the late-2000s financial crisis, How to Forget Almost Everything is an introspective coming-of-age story and an off-kilter adventure populated by bus transfer slips, small-town diners, a secret concrete block, and a former child chess prodigy.

“Charming, poignant, and funny, ‘How to Forget Almost Everything’ is a wonderfully written coming-of-age tale that vibrates with truth.”

– Annie Hartnett, author of ‘Rabbit Cake’ and ‘Unlikely Animals.’

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Booksellers: This title is available on ingram with ISBN 9781957024035

Poetry For People: Fifty Years of Writing by Dixie Lubin

A poetry collection that is the literal work of a lifetime, Dixie Lubin’s “Poetry For People” is available now. Bringing together over five decades of written material, Poetry For People is the first collection from Kansas poet Dixe Lubin. From the tumult of her Southern Baptist childhood, to a free-love 1960s young adulthood, through fifty years of marriage and raising three daughters in poverty, while touching countless lives as a teacher and artist, Dixie has engaged with it all through her unique artistic lens.

Her voice encompasses the scope of the human condition, invoking earthly lust, mystic meditation, bawdy humor and vivid grief, connecting deeply with everyone fortunate enough to encounter it. Out of a life shaped by love, loss, and a devotion to humanity and the planet itself, this book is the indelible result of the inimitable Dixie.

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Booksellers: This title is available on Ingram with ISBN 9781957024004

Split Aces by M.L. Schepps

For fans of EC Comics, Stephen King and the Twilight Zone comes this noir-inflected psychological allegory. Jim Dougherty—former “gifted kid” now drifting middle-aged millennial—had given up on his dreams of achieving lasting literary success, settling into the slow decay of dealing blackjack in a tired old casino out in the Nevada badlands. But when the mysterious stranger shows up at the table with knowledge of a mystery Jim thought he’d buried back in boarding school, he’s forced out of his rut and into danger. Jim learns that the price of self-improvement can be deadly.

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Booksellers: This title is available on Ingram with ISBN 9781957024028

“They say hell is the gulf between who you could have been and who you ended up as. But for me? I’ve learned to reject that kind of binary thinking, that all or nothing striving. Success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Any minute spent worrying about “what might have been” is another minute that comes between you and “what still could be.”

From “Split Aces” by M.L. Schepps
Promotional video for “Split Aces” made by Katie Borak

Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This?: Essays On BoJack Horseman

Published by Antiquated Future, this Broken Pencil Award winning zine was the genesis for Korza Books. Editors Michael Schepps and Molly E. Simas, working alongside editor and publisher Joshua James Amberson and a wide range of contributing Portland writers and artists, put together a celebration and examination of the Netflix series BoJack Horseman. The anthology touches on everything from screwball anthologies, existential absurdity, intergenerational alcoholism and much more. Proceeds benefit the Black Resilience Fund and the National Lawyers Guild.

With words from: Joshua James Amberson, Timothy Day, Jessica Fonvergne, Lauren Hobson, Tessa Livingstone, M.L. Schepps, Jourdain Searles, and Molly E. Simas. Plus an interview with Leca from BoJack Hidden Jokes

Illustrations from: Eileen Chavez, Ross Jackson, Naomi Marshall, and Liz Yerby. Cover and back cover art by Sarah Mirk. 

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“This swift moment, easily missed by the casual watcher, points to the cognitive dissonance of existing with modern industrial systems by performing its fallacy in real time: What if we’re monsters! Aha, never fear! Monstrousness is codified into the fabric of our very institutions! so don’t worry about it! We the audience, aware of yet numbed by our own monstrous world, feel a flicker of recognition. We laugh while seeing ourselves reflected.”

Molly E. Simas–”All Contact is Contact” from “Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This: Essays on BoJack Horseman

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